World leading manufacturer of RC cars and RC accessories in On Road and Off Road categories. Leading distributor for a wide range of RC products.

High performance, maximum power, low consumption, stability and most importantly, taking care of the engines by expanding their lives.

If your dream is to be
a successful racing driver or to have
your classic car brought back to life. Lights2Flag have the tools and knowlege to make your dream come true.

Manufacturer of world class radio controlled racing machines.

Pipes and manifolds manufactured from an aluminium sheet.

Hipex brand is the forge where R.C.E.‘s experience and passion give expression to a continuous research and testing, in view of a steady and durable growth.

Leading  RC race shop in Sweden and the Nordic countries. knowledge, the best products and that little extra that makes a difference on the track. Since 1988

MMC Malmö AB  is dealer for Hyundai and Mitsubishi - a company that specializes in Hyundai's and Mitsubishi's passenger and light trucks.

Hotrace born from a dream of a child, Nicola Marrone. A dream that does not came from nothing, but from the passion and hard work.

World leading manufacturer of RC tires OnRoad and Off Road

"We Save it. You love it"

Air Filter, the best protection for your nitro engine.

Made in Germany.

Polarn Innovation is the family company that has worked in the heating industry for over 40 years.

Long experience guarantees the best technical solutions, and for a high and consistent quality.