Since I was born, I live and work in Furulund, Sweden. It all started when I was 7 years old. I was visiting my mother's parents in Switzerland. I tested RC car "once" and felt, it was my thing! Love for RC cars started and is up to now!
Under 30 years as a RC driver I have traveled Europe around and competed.

In 2002 my beloved daughter came to the world, and with time she began to be more

talented and talented, we had competed together and had fun many years.

Fantastic time and many amazing memories! 2013 was the first time I was outside

Europe to compete in Japan, but only as a mechanic... for Jessi.
2015 was time "to put the transmitter on the shelf" and become
100% mechanic.

2015 was my last season as a RC driver and today I'm a mechanic for

my lovely, happy, smart, talented, wonderful and so... stubborn daughter Jessica.

Today we are Team Pålsson: we work together, we win together, we loose together,

we have the same goals and I hope one day her dreams will come true!

To be mechanic is as fun as to be a RC driver... or more!

To see her smile, to see her hard work makes me a proud and happy father!
But when I have a little free time I take my car and still practice at my home track in Furulund.

*World Race Champion x 9 (1 electric)     

*Winner of Euro Nitro Challenge x 2 (1 electric)      

*Swedish Champion x 6 (five in a row)
*Nordic Champion x 3 (6 `as National Team)     

*EFRA Grand Prix Winner x 2     

*Nordic Cup Buggy Champion x 3      

*Pre-World Champion  2003-04
*South Swedish District Champion x 22     

*Club Champion 1:8 OffRoad x 26      

*Sweden Cup Winner 2002/03/05/07
*Winner of X-Ray Challenge 2005      

*Indoor Nitro Race Champion 2007     

*Mugen Nitro Cross Champion 2011     

*Hansa Cup Winner x 3
*40+ Pre-Euro GP Champion      

*40+ European Champion 2014     

*2nd National Team Euro A 2014
*Swedish Car-Sportsman Award 1999    
*Total of more than 450 Victories...

Contact Micke:

Phone: +46793482525 

WhatsApp: +46793482525      

Email: micke@microracing.se